Top five places I’ve wanted to visit


I’ve never been thinking about places I’d want to visit, I’ve never been the person to really want to go somewhere because I know I never will go visit a places. So there probably wont be anything too exotic or anything…
Well… Let’s start!

5. Ullared
It’s a mall here in Sweden god know what they’re selling there, anything you could really imagine I think. I’ve never been there but it’s said to be quite very cheap and with so many different things. But I guess you need money to go there, cuz you’ll probably buy quite a lot and I’ve never really been in that kinda family who’d have that money apparently. Or just doesn’t wanna go.

4.Crazy Bear Hotel
Alright, I’ll be honest here, I just discovered this place. But I’ve always wanted to be in a hotel, I love them. And with my dream to live in a dark, metal, stone and glass apartment. This was just… I have to go here! I really do. It’s so perfect and I’d pay so much to stay for a night or something.

3. Any theme park!
So there’s nothing specific when it comes to theme parts I wanna go to, not really no. And it’s not like I love roller coaster or something, no. I hate roller coaster in matter of fact… But the feeling I get in theme parks, it’s just so freaking fun and I love it there… I really really wanna go to one.

2. Disneyland
I know what I said above but, Disneyland… That’s something I’ve always wanted to go too, I love Disney, and even if my ex did tell me it sucks there, cuz he’ve been there… I still wanna go and see for myself, I doubt I’d really go much but I want to be there. It’s Disneyland!disneyland-gallery00

1. Japan…
I have no real explanation to why, I just wanna go there, it seems awesome and I love the Japanese… I just wanna go there too!

Ps; I’ll be fine.

The Wanderer


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