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Top five places I’ve wanted to visit


I’ve never been thinking about places I’d want to visit, I’ve never been the person to really want to go somewhere because I know I never will go visit a places. So there probably wont be anything too exotic or anything…
Well… Let’s start! Read the rest of this entry


Shows I’m following

Shows I’m following

There’s no shows I’m really following at the moment, I’m not that into things like that actually if I’m to be completely honest. But I do watch Game of Thones… Only pretty much. I’ve tried pretty little liars, true blood and stuff like that, it’s not that I don’t enjoy watching them, it’s just that I’ve never gone down to really continue watching… I like both of the shows, it’s just I don’t find the interest in continuing especially if no one’s with me.

But game of thrones is something I currently following…. But that’s about it… Maybe I should give other shows like PLL and TB another chance? I don’t know. Meh I figure it out.
I’ll be fine.

Unfinished challenge of all time


There’s been this challenge I’ve always wanted to do, for a few years, I’ve always started it, I’ve come pretty far like… Less than a week and stuff, and this time I really want to finished and do it. It’s a 30 days challenge! And for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a challenge for 30 days, aka, a whole month. There’s a subject you get to write about each day, a specific subject like. 1, top 10 favorite songs. And you have to write about that for that day.

So I felt like I wanted to write about that all of the sudden. But seeming as it’s the first of December it would be a great start. December is also however 31 days so I think I’ll make it 31 days challenge and to make it even more fun and annoyingly difficult for me, I’ll create the challenges all on my own! My very own December blogging challenge, I’ll probably not going to be able to do it but I like to try, it’s something that will keep me busy in these harsh boring world. So I’ll just have to try to figure out 31 things for me to write about. It’ll be a busy day for me, indeed.

  1. Challenges
  2. Shows I’m following
  3. Very first heartbreak
  4. My first love
  5. Current favorite songs
  6. My break ups
  7. My current relationship
  8. Favorite current YouTube video
  9. What I look forward to
  10. Someone I miss
  11. My safe haven
  12. Future plans
  13. Comic I’m reading
  14. Book I’m reading
  15. My favorite food
  16. A old post
  17. My family
  18. Favorite season
  19. Favorite holidays
  20. How I prepare for Christmas
  21. My best friend
  22. 25 facts about me that you may not know
  23. Five of my greatest fears
  24. Marry Christmas
  25. Post about my day
  26. Thoughts about this month
  27. My biggest dream
  28. 5 Weaknesses
  29. 3 Secrets
  30.  30 Random facts
  31. New years

Broken Charger


Alright so last night I would have written so much more about Lordy but my changer broke to the computer so I didn’t have much time left so it had to end in short notice. Anyways, I had to live about less the 24 hours without a computer and it felt like a life time! Haha. Well my ‘roommate’ took me out to look for a new one, it’s loose AF and ugly but it’s a charger, it’s something and it works.

First when we went to check the first store it was like closed… For got, no more, had this boards over the windows and all. JUST when you need it too you know? So I got depressed so he took me to McDonalds  and got me some fanta and chicken nuggets! Then we went back to go shopping for food and check one other store first and they had a charger.
Also seeing everyone Christmas shopping got me pretty sad, cuz I know that I’ll be spending both Christmas and New years alone. No friends, no family, just me. But I guess it’s not really that big of a deal, I don’t believe.. But I like Christmas and New years, it’s the only two holidays I celebrate. So it will be just me and Christmas. I’ll make the best out of it. It’s alright.

I’ll be fine.

It’s a start


Alright, I’m just gonna start off by letting you all know that I’ve never been too good at knowing how to start things like this.

So, I will just start off by saying that I’ve wanted to make a blog, a serious one for once, and this will be my try to do so. I wish I would have started years ago, then I wouldn’t have needed to say so much. But I’ll start off little at the time.
I’m currently living together with my ex, we recently broke up because of future plans, my plans is not to stay here where I live. I’ve wanted to run away from this place for a long while, for many years and my ex that I live with now knows that, but instead of kicking me out, he’s letting me stay with him till it’s time for me to go. I’ll be going to England to live with my sister for a time being, to clear my head and to actually be getting out of here that I’ve wanted for so long now, and I can’t take him with me. He got a life here, school, plan and a future… That I don’t, and I rather go explore before figuring out what to do with myself.

I live with him because I was kicked out of home, my mom apparently had enough of me for never doing anything for her but that will be for another time maybe right now  can’t help but not give a fuck about her and her opinion. But about me… I’m a 19 year old, I’ll turn 20 next year in April, I have four sibling I’ll probably bring up one of these days. There will be so much to bring up but this will be it for now I suppose. Nothing too grand, just a quick look through what’s going on right now. I think it’s a good start.