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A pedophile’s target

A pedophile’s target

I haven’t been posting anything since I have not felt like I have any interesting story’s to tell. But then I checked my youtube’s recommended videos. And there was a video there called “3 true scary pedophile encounter horror story” from uploader HorrorStudio1. I’m currently listening to it and I thought; Ay. This was this one time someone come onto me.
I’m not saying it’s anything compared to real trauma some people go through with pedophile encounters and my story was of a pedophile online. My story isn’t as scary as it should have been since I was so young, and I have no trauma from it since it didn’t last too long and I didn’t fully understand those sexual texts.

I was playing a online game, a game called blipville, where you walked around as a small figure you could dress up, go into different chat rooms and make friends. It was generally nice but there was a lot of… Weird things going on there when I think about it now. There was a guy who started to chat with me, talk to me and being generally nice. We talked for a few, and one of those days he asked me if I wanted to play a game with him. and the site not only had the chat room you could walk around in and make friends. It also had games. So I agreed to it and went to go in a game with him, I was so young I thought nothing of it since I only wanted to play a game.
I don’t really remember what game it was, sadly but it was something I felt a bit, meh about.
We chatted back and forward, that’s when the weird things started to happen. But keep in mind, I was so young I had no idea. I knew about sex and stuff, but I had no idea how wrong what he was doing. There are three things I remember him saying and asking.
We were playing the game and he asked me a question; “Are you wearing a bra?” I was young, I hadn’t even developed breasts, and as thin as I was. I answered him honestly saying. “No.”. He thought that was ‘nice’ and shortly after he told me how good it was to be horny. I was naive and confused with that statement so I had to ask why. He continued on about how hard he was and that he actually wanted to have babies with me.

That’s where questions rise, why didn’t I tell my mother? Why didn’t I report it?
Like I said, I was so young, I was naive, I didn’t think what he was doing was very wrong before my mother came to check on me. She sat next to me and asked what I was doing and I said I was playing a game with my friend, so she read through some of the chat and that’s when the fury of a protective mother came out.
She asked me who it was and gave him a long earful about what he was doing and to stay away from her daughter. I asked and pleaded to my mother to leave him alone and that he was a nice guy.
It ended the fact that he only had young female friends. And when I say young I mean 8-14. And he was banned.

I was naive and young, I didn’t understand and I pitied him. That’s something with me, I feel bad so easy and pity people and feel like, maybe I should defend them since it’s not fun to have people hate you without someone to be there to actually support you.
I’m 20 years old now and looking back at this story, I do not support this and I would be been just as angry. I’m so angry with that disgusting behavior. You don’t touch children that way, you don’t ask them sexual questions if they are wearing a bra, do they touch themselves or whatever. Boys and girls alike, you don’t do that. That’s wrong and disgusting.

The story wasn’t traumatizing for me since I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know the wrong he was doing. But I do now, and I have for a long time. What happened, happened. It’s in my past now and I so hope that guy have either stopped what he’ve been doing or put in jail.
I’m not telling anyone what to do but I think it’s very, very good to check up on your younger ones every now and then. Who they are talking to.